How to Get Prospects to Show Up in Droves

Posted by Kevin Wessels

Have you identified the top HOT BUTTONS of your prospects?

This article will reveal why pinpointing, understanding, and addressing your prospect hot buttons is so important to the future growth of your business or practice.

It’s every small business owner’s job to identify and define the most important hot buttons that top their prospects list. You must identify the top things prospects want from your business that leads them to look to you for a solution to their problems, frustrations, fears, or concerns. The smart small business owner will list all of their target customer’s emotional components, and then select JUST the one that resonates the most with their passion. This means selecting your specific niche market.

All of your prospects today want to feel special. They want to feel as though they’re working with “the expert” and that you can help them solve their problems, concerns, fears, and frustrations for good. They’re tired of look-alike, sound-alike businesses that all offer the exact same product or service that for the most part doesn’t even come close to giving them what they truly want. In other words, they’re desperately looking for a business that stands out from the crowd, and one that’s truly unique.

They want a business that understands them, gives them what they want, and in the process, offers them exceptional and extraordinary value. Moreover, if you provide them with such a business, they’ll reward you by gladly paying you a higher price for what you sell, as long as the value you now offer justifies the price they pay.

Furthermore, prospects want you to communicate with them in a loud, clear, and easily understandable voice. They want your message to clearly communicate to them that you are different and you do in fact offer exceptional value. They’re tired of searching for these types of businesses, and they will appreciate your clear, concise message that doesn’t play games but instead highlights the benefits you provide specifically for them.  The business that stands out from all others by becoming unique, offering exceptional and extraordinary value, and clearly communicating those benefits to their prospects will literally dominate their entire niche market.

For instance, perhaps one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape.  If you call 10 personal trainers looking for one to help you add lean muscle mass, and all of them tell you they can help you do whatever you want, such as lose weight, add muscle, feel better, or have more energy, then they’re trying to be everything to everyone, and as a result, have become nothing to no one.

On the other hand, if you call me, and I tell you that I specialize in just one thing, which is helping people over 40 add 10 pounds of lean muscle mass within 30 days through a specialized, proven, and tested workout program that only I provide, then I have just separated myself from all other trainers. I’ve made my business unique and simultaneously created massive value to these individual prospects that are specifically looking for this type of trainer.

All that’s left is for me to effectively communicate that message to my target prospects, and believe me, they will come running! 

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